Hoping some kind enlightened zopistas can point me to existing examples or
show me how the syntax works for this:

1. I need to  write a simple general method which will allow me to create a
property in the parent folder.

for example:

'createParentProperty()'  DTMLmethod
<dtml with PARENTS[-1]>
  <dtml manage_addProperty(Id = 'myNewPopertyName')
  <dtml manage_addProperty(type = 'tokens')
  <dtml manage_addProperty(value = '')

2.  Then I need to extend my 'createParentProperty()'  method so I can call
it from an URL, http POST or GET.
I want to pass or fetch the parent folder's property 'Id' name.
for example:


will create a property Id = 'statistics' in PROJECTA folder of my site whose
type = 'tokens'
but if it exists already it will return a '1'

How to do this?

3. Then I need to do the same thing but this time setting or getting the
property's 'Value' field via http POST or GET.

for example:


will create a new property id = 'statistics', type = 'tokens', value ='
but if 'statistics' already exists, the method will just change the value

4. Finally some properties we need to 'lock' so they cannot be overwritten
by the above methods.
However I do need to check remotely over http if this is so. For example:


will return an integer '2' or string such as : 'locked' or "property id =
'admin' is locked"
0 = does not exist
1 = exists
3 = locked

How to do this?

...ideally there there should be a separete method we can call to lock or
unlock a property for admin use over http

Thanks for any help..deadlines loom..
- Jason
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