On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 10:12:16PM -0400, Douglas Eadline wrote:
> 6. OK, I'll add a user. I go to acl_users and add a user.
> 7. I quit netscape, and restart and attempt to login as
>    the new user - DOES NOT WORK
> 8> I check /var/zope/access - no new user added

Only the superuser (more accuratly the bootstrap user now) is defined in
the access file. All other users are defined in User objects in the Object
Database. You will notice that the file var/Data.fs will have grown.

> 9. I quit netscape and re-login as superuser.
>    I look at the user I added, now the password field
>    has more stars in it than the password I assigned.
>    The confirm field has 1 star less than the password field.

For security reasons, the page with the password and confirm fields is not
rendered with the original password; you can view the source to see this,
the password would have to be sent verbatim in order to do that. In stead,
the magic values 'password' and' 'confirm' are used, to indicate that you
didn't want to change the user password, only the other fields.

One possible explanation for the denial of your login is that you filled
something in the domains field, which should only be used if you want to
limit the domains a user can login from, and made a mistake there. The
format is a _space seperated_ list of domains, each of which can use the
'*' wildcard for any part between the dots and can be an ip or a name:

  10.0.0.* localhost *.mydomain.com

If you did fill in that field, clear it, and try again. Also note that
both user id and password are case sensitive. Try a simple username and
password first, like 'test' and 'test'.

Let us know if you succeed!

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