I write and maintain a project "Bookamrks Database and Internet robot"
(detailed announce after quotations). It is not exactly what you want, but
I have plans to add Oedipus to my list of databases. Probably there are
fields we may cooperate.
   I am very short on time these days :(

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, [iso-8859-1] Jørgen Skogstad wrote:
> I've been looking into something this weekend. I need somehting
> that can handle my link database etc. and list them through Zope
> on a regular basis.
> I was looking at Oedipus which can create "semi-xml" DMOZ like
> directories which would suffice for v0.1b of my product. I was
> thinking of using Oedipus and store them in the database there
> and generate a new xml-like-structure every day through some
> cron script.
> .. what I was hoping for is to use the LocalFS product for Zope
> and some kind of python "product" (which I need to make to fit
> into Zope) which can parse this .. sort of like the *.cgi 
> script which followed with the Oedipus installation.
> By doing this; I can generate DMOZ/Link databases that show 
> information about the site; when it was checked last, updated
> etc. etc.
> My questions are as follows;
> * How do I generate a package of some pythong scripts?
> * Are there any better ways of parsing and putting this 
>   xml-like file under "Zope control" .. 
> * Are there any XML products for Zope that can get a file
>   from an url .. and parse this with some python scripts to
>   generate a yahoo type listing?
> Would apriciate any input!

                    BOOKMARKS Database and Internet robot

   Here is a set of classes, libraries, programs and plugins I use to
manipulate my bookmarks.html. I like Netscape Navigator, but I need more
features, so I write and maintain these programs for my needs. I need to
extend Navigator's "What's new" feature (Navigator 4 named it "Update

WHAT'S NEW in version 3.0
   Complete rewrite from scratch. Created mechanism for pluggable storage
managers, writers and robots.

WHAT'S NEW in version 3.1.2
   Minor speed improvements in parser (just removed debug output if not in
debug mode).
   New program check_dups.py prints a list of duplcat URLs in the DB.

   Master site: http://sun.med.ru/~phd/Software/Python/#bookmarks_db

   Faster mirrors: 

   Oleg Broytmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   Copyright (C) 1997-2000 PhiloSoft Design


   Storage managers: pickle, FLAD (Flat ASCII Database).
   Writers: HTML, text, FLAD.
   Robots (URL checker): simple, forking.

   More storage managers: shelve, SQL, MetaKit.
   More robots: threading, async.

     Oleg Broytmann            http://phd.pp.ru/            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
           Programmers don't die, they just GOSUB without RETURN.

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