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Subject: Re: [Zope] Zope and the GPL poison pill

> Magnus Alvestad wrote:
> > Third, you are only obligated to distribute source to parties you have
> > already distributed the binary version to.  I can't really see a
> > customer buying a zope site from you and not expecting 'source'
> > anyway.
> The problem is not that a client who paid for custom development
> will get the source. It's the fact that you have to release the
> source code of an enhanced GPL'ed component (and possibly stuff
> built with it) for everyone else, too.

so, your main problem here is that you take someone elses work, modify it to
suit your needs under a license that *specifically* grants you those rights,
and then, when you want to distribute your modifications, you find yourself
in a bad position, because it will mean that you would have to give
everybody else the same rights that allowed you to distribute a modification
of someone elses work, in the first place?

In other words, you don't mind being the "sharee", but do not wish to be the
"sharer", particularely when it somes to work that others have "shared" to
you? To shout bloody murder because of this is to REALLY expose one self,
don't you think?

To me, this is the ultimately reason to have the GPL around. It helps us
ensure that all that want to profit from our work but have no interest in
returning the favor will have to turn elsewhere or actually do some of the
grundwork themsleves.

Mind you that my english is not too good, so there might be som parts of
this thread that I have not fully understood or that I may have got
completely wrong; if so, fell free to enlighten me.



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