>>>>> "TC" == Tim Cook <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    TC> Danny William Adair wrote:
    >> Hi all!
    >> Now Nils and Oleg are giving me the creeps.  Is it not possible
    >> to take a few GPLed Zope products, add your own effort of
    >> configuring, integrating, building, (re-)designing, and even
    >> documenting the outcome of your efforts and - ___sell___ this? 
    >> Maybe not only to _one_ customer, but burn a CD and sell it to
    >> _a couple_ of customers?

    TC> Yes, you can. BUT, you must make the source code available.

And before we get too far -- 

Source code available to the recipient means just that.   They (the
recipient) have it available to them.  That doesn't necessarily mean
that you ship it, but that it is available to them.  And that
definitely doesn't mean "available to the world".

Though, this whole argument is sort of silly, given that we are
talking about extensions to an "open source platform" to begin with,
so that sales based on services make more sense than shrinkwarp'd
(sic) EULA-code..


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