> I dont know if i have subscribed to the correct mailing list, 

You are :-)

> i need to import a small web page into zope and create users etc. 

You might want to look at I've never used it but you can
download it from here:
I don't knwo if there's more documentation anywhere else...

> Where can i find step by step instructions about how to use zope.

Sadly no step-by-step instructions (that I know of ;-)
There's the QuickStart in Zope (very out of date)
The Tutorial in Zope version 2.2.0 and above might be what you want, but
I don't know how to get it started...
There's also the O'Reilly Zope Book, bits of which are online at:

I don't kbnow if that's the most up to date URL... :-S

> If i am a visitor to a site controlled by zope do i need to be included as a user in 
>Zope or is this just for admin personel. 

That depends, if you want your site to be visible by anyone, then
visitors don't need to be defined in Zope. If there's confidential
information, you may want to protect your site a bit more...

> I am currently the superuser on the system and i have also created a dummy user to 
>be a manager.  
> This dummy user can only add files etc. when he is a manager, and not when he is a 

I'm not sure that makes sense...

> I need to know how can i run this site to see what it looks like?

The site is 'running' if Zope is running, so I'm not sure what you mean



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