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>>From: "Toby Dickenson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> If that is your motivation then you may find that you get *more* back
>> by not using the GPL. My contributions to Zope (both personal and on
>> company time) are fairly significant in total, and would not have
>> happened if Zope was under a GPL license.

>or is it because the GPL actually prevents this? and if so,
>could you please elaborate?

I am using Zope as a component of a closed source product. GPL
components are not an option simply because we are not willing to open
source *all* of this product. I am developing the one type of software
product that the GPL is designed to work against.

The difference between GPL and more flexible licenses such as Python's
or the ZPL is that *we* get to draw the line between what we
contribute to the community, and what we keep to ourselves. GPL
advocates are wrong to assume that means we contribute nothing - there
are strong technical and commercial reasons to contribute significant
amounts of code and experience back to the community.

Toby Dickenson

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