Evan Simpson writes:
 > .... extended-attribute syntax
 > (foo-name-name="x" instead of foo="_[_[x]]").
        I am sure, that such an extended attribute syntax would cause
        hundreds of messages in this list.

        I hope, it will not get adopted.

 > I have considered proposing that we graft <dtml-let>'s capabilities onto the
 > other tags, so that we could write stuff like:
 > <dtml-var set-foo="getFoo()" var=foo set-param1=" 'text' " set-param2="id">
That is better.

Only: What does the "var=foo" mean? The thing that should be rendered?
      Then (with respect to this), the current syntax is clearer.

Or: Should this be equivalent to:
   <dtml-var "getFoo(_.None,_,param1='text', param2=id)>?
   Then, it is not at all obvious. "getFoo" seams to be called
   explicitly without parameters.
   Clearer would be:
   <dtml-var getFoo set-param1="'text'" set-param2="id">


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