I'm with some troubles to connect a freshly installed Zope 2.2.1 on a
Conectiva Linux 5.0 (glibc-2.1.2, the rest is the same as Red Hat 6.x)
to a PostgreSQL 7.0.2 database. The ZPyGreSQLDA
(http://www.zope.org/Members/reedstrm/ZPyGreSQLDA-rjr) "is broken".

I tried to get the PoPyDA working, but cannot compile the PoPy module
(it complains about libcrypt - that is already installed). Can someone
point's me to a useful documentation about what is needed to get PoPy
compiled, or another way to connect a Zope 2.2.1 to a PostgreSQL

Trying to compile PoPy 1.3.6:

[root@bit PoPy-1.3.6]# ./configure 
loading cache ./config.cache
checking for python... /usr/bin/python
checking python version... 1.5
checking python installation prefix... /usr
checking python installation exec_prefix... /usr
checking definitions in Python library makefile... done
checking location of python library...
checking location of python shared modules...
checking for main in -lcrypt... no
Warning: next test can fail because of a missing libcrypt
checking for PQconnectStart in -lpq... no
configure: error: can't build without PostgreSQL libraries

Do we have a crypt library somewhere?

[root@bit PoPy-1.3.6]# locate lib/libcryp

Who owns that files?

[root@bit PoPy-1.3.6]# locate lib/libcryp | xargs rpm -qf | sort | uniq

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