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We would like the opportunity to bid on any hardware that might be coming off line in the near future, or that may be part of your surplus inventory now.

End User Specials for the month of September

 Ultra 60         $ 6295.00   Refurbished

  • Dual 300 Mhz CPU’s
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • Dual 18.2GB Disk Drives
  • Creator 3D Graphics

Ultra 60         $ 7495.00   Refurbished

  • Dual 360 Mhz CPU’s
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • Dual 18.2GB Disk Drives
  • Creator 3D Graphics

 Ultra 10         $ 1850.00   Refurbished

  • 300 Mhz CPU
  • 128Mb RAM
  • 8.4GB Disk Drive
  • Creator Graphics
  • CD-ROM
  • Floppy
  • Country Kit

 X1195A         SUN List $ 5500.00 Our Price $ 4275.00 Unused Pulls

  • 450Mhz CPU\4Mb Cache

 X7004A         SUN List $ 1999.00 Our Price $ 1150.00 New in Box

  • 256Mb Memory Kits

 X7005A         SUN List $ 4050.00 Our Price $ 2975.00 New in Box

  • 256Mb Memory Kits
  • E450\420R\U80

We offer an 18-month minimum warranty on all of our offerings including used
and refurbished equipment.  It's like having an 18-month service contract at
no charge!

Give us a call, lots of product in stock!!!

GSH offers a full line of new, surplus, refurbished, and used systems, peripherals, upgrades, and spares, from a variety of manufacturers such as Sun Microsystems and Sun Microelectronics.

As well, our line card includes a large offering of cost effective third party products engineered to be 100% compatible with any of the platforms we offer.

GSH is committed to quality solutions that will continue to provide value for the years ahead.  Our industry leading 18 month warranty exceeds that of most manufacturers new warranties.  All of GSH's offerings, new, and refurbished alike, come with our 18 month warranty.  It's like a free maintenance contract for 18 months!

We specialize in systems integrations on Ultra 1, Ultra 2, Ultra 30, Ultra 60, Ultra 5, Ultra 10, E250, E450, Enterprise 3000 & 3500, Enterprise 4000 & 4500, Enterprise 5000 & 5500, as well as the older Sparc based SS10, SS5, and SS20.

Alternative Ultrasparc solutions are available in rackmount configurations ideal for data centers, Internet service providers, and telco operations.  Custom configurations utilizing Sun Microelectronics AXi, AXdp, and AXmp system boards, are available to maximize space, performance, and cost savings.  Same Sun name and reliability, more cost effective solutions.

Call GSH today and find out why many Fortune 100 companies, such as Kodak, Loral, and Digital Equipment Corp (Compaq), as well as many branches of the U.S. Government, Like the FAA, Dept. of the Navy, and the Dept. of the Air Force choose us for their Sun requirements.  

You'll be glad you did!

If interested please contact me at the below email address.


Visit our website at http://www.kewlsite.com/gsh/

Thank You,

Ken Ingram
GSH Intelligent Integrated Systems


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