Here I just repost a statement from Michael ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) concerning
his workflow product (, Open-source workflow toolkit).
Maybe it's useful for some further developments.
Best regards
   Arno Gross, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

> Re: Workflow, Python and Zope
> Posted By: Michael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Tuesday, 19 September 2000, at 10:08 p.m.
> In Response To: Workflow, Python and Zope (Arno Gross)
> > As Josh already mentioned there is Zope and Python. Currently there is a
> > discussion thread in the Zope mailing list
> > ( and in egroups:
> >, discussing
> > Generic Workflow. I am convinced that it would be a great shift to build a
> > Workflow product on Zope with Python. There is already a small basis of a
> > workflow, but maybe we could pull together the resources.
> > Arno Gross [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Actually, I'm currently learning Python. As Python is typically extended with 
>plain-vanilla C >
modules, and as the new and improved wftk (which hasn't hit stores yet) is 
reimplemented as a >
set of libraries, I think that it's going to be really simple to drop the engine into 
Python >
and Zope. That'll be my next trick.

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