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| From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Free Software Foundation) [Bradley M. Kuhn]
| It sounds like you are building software that combines Zope and
| GPL'ed software to form a single, larger program.  In this case, the
| whole larger program falls under the terms of the GPL.

I don't exactly understand.  Does this mean that I can't use any
GPL-ed Products combined with Zope and distribute them?  For example,
I couldn't the use the GPL-ed CookieLess Session Management Product
with my application and legally distribute it with Zope?

Does this also mean that I can't make a complete application, released
under the GPL, and distribute it legally with Zope to my clients?  If
so, is there a way that this can be done legally, without relicensing
any of the "programs"?
| This is a real problem, since the license of Zope is incompatible
| with the GNU GPL.  This means you can't legally distribute the
| system.

But what is defined as distribution?  Can I install Zope on-site, then
install the GPL-ed application and it would be legal? 
| You cannot legally combined GPL'ed software with Zope.

Not at all?

| You'll need to rewrite the Zope part [...]

Sure, that's easy...  Wouldn't take me more than a century ;)

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