Ideally the publishability of an object would be an internal property of
that object, not something that is set externally via rules in SiteAccess.
It's been a little while since I last looked at SiteAccess, but wouldn't
using SiteAccess force you to store publishable objects in one part of the
database hierarchy and non-publishables in another? If you wanted
publishables and non-publishables all mixed up in the same folders,
SiteAccess's rules might get a bit complicated.

Another approach could be to:
- create a folder that does a RESPONSE.setStatus(404) as the URL traversal
machinery passes it. This sets up the default condition of 'NotFound' error
for the URL
- at the end of the URL, if the final object is publishable or the final
item is a publishable method called on a publishable object, do a
RESPONSE.setStatus(200) to say 'OK'.

Would this be feasible without hacking too much?


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> Stephen Simmons wrote:
> >
> > My thoughts were to use an html_header that tracks how deeply components
> > nested so that inner components turn off the page wrapper. This achieves
> > and 2. This also achieves 3 if sections raise an exception if their page
> > wrapper is not turned off.
> You only want to see standard_html_footer and so forth when
> REQUEST.steps[-1]!=fragment_id, so it would not be accessible directly
> by URL.
> Try something like this for standard_html_footer:
> <dtml-if "REQUEST.steps[-1]=='standard_html_footer'">
> <dtml-raise type="NotFound"></dtml-raise></dtml-if>
> </BODY></HTML>
> I think using siteaccess for this is more elegant, though. All the
> knowledge about what is allowed and what is not is maintained in one
> place, and the knowledge can be declared flexibly using regular
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