> and pretend that Zope can do this today!
> http://standardbrains.editthispage.com/
> This is where we're headed with DAV, XML / DOM, Zope Studio, etc.

Thanks this is a wonderful!

> Sorry the demo only works (today) with MS IE v. 5+. If you can get
> to a desktop with this installed, it is such a trip to swipe some
> content, and edit in place, without a #%&@ text box! So this is what
> Tim Berners Lee had in mind with that funny little put method . . .

No kidding.. I heard him speak in London a few years ago.

A major point he made then was that one of the key features of the first
system he built using his NeXT cube was integrated editing. He mentioned hwo
easy this was thanks the object builder stuff on NeXT. Went on to say how
ironic the rapid success of www had been for him and his colleagues, as they
watched the web take off - but with only 50% of the idea. Browse-only
passive TV mode no user live edit. Passive implementations instead of the
inter-active ones crucial to the first idea for a balanced remote
collaboration system. He noted how people were obviously working hard to
have all kinds of editing, but still in non-integrated fashion.. lots of
html editing but always a separated process with separated update

The rest of the talk was about global information space, need for meta-data
agent technologies and hopefully emerging XML in this ..

- Jsaon

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