To address some adjectives:

Complex - it's complex because there's a lot going on.  Consider the nature
of the security machinery.  What other platform lets you grant permissions
on such a granular basis?  How would you lend people the ability to script
things through the web securely in, for example, PHP?  I know that in many
situations it's overkill, such as in creating a Poll product.  There are a
lot of hoops to jump through that you may not care about while creating such
a simple product.  But in more complex applications, those hoops are
requirements.  One of the goals of ZClasses is to reduce the amount of work
required to create a Product.  They don't succeed on all levels, but the
scope of this Poll product is somewhere that I think ZClasses would shine.

Obscure - it's obscure only because it's not documented properly.  Once it's
documented properly, it will no longer be obscure.

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> This tutorial looks explained a lot of things to me that I
> able to put together before.
> But...on looking at it, a nagging thought keep recurring...this is a
> quite long and complicated process for a Poll product. As much as I like
> Zope and thing it is a great platform on which to develop web
> I often wonder about the complexity and obscurity of some of the
> that need to executed while making what are, on the face of it, often
> simple web objects or applications. Consequently I have honestly had quite
> hard time convincing PHP-savvy colleagues that the path to Zope Zen is
> something worth starting on. Does anyone else experience these nagging
> doubtful thoughts occasionally ?
> Darcy
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> From: Shane Hathaway  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Fri Sep 22, 2000 11:56am
> Subject: [Zope] FYI: Python product tutorial updated
> The Python product development tutorial has been updated to reflect
> current practices. It is accompanied by a working product that contains
> all the sample code (which should also replace the "Boring" product.)
> It will likely be included in the Product Developer's Guide.
> See .
> Shane
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