>We host zope using mutliple installations of zope.

Yes, that's what we do for our "Professional" Zope hosting.

For "FreeZope", you just get your own folder, and it lives under 
http://freezope.nipltd.net/yourplace. We have a standard list of 
products, and we don't allow people any more.

>  It is better this way
>because then the clients can control which products they have installed, they
>can tweak their products without bothering anyone else, they can stop and
>restart zope whenever they please...the basically have full control.   You
>can't do that with more than one client using the same instance.

All the advantages you mention, plus you can let them upgrade their 
Zope version when they need it. We want to upgrade FreeZope to 2.2.x 
at the moment, and its something we need to be cautious about. There 
are a lot of people on FreeZope, and the move to 2.2 can break a fair 
number of things. Given its this painful on a free service, I'd hate 
to be trying to upgrade a shared server that had paying clients.

>Yes it does use a fair bit of memory, but you would expect your client to pay
>for it accordingly.

Its also requires a fair number of configuration steps (raise the OS 
account, install Zope, configure Apache, configure MySQL, setup DNS, 
setup log analysis etc.), which takes time - although we'll probably 
automate some or all of this at some point.

If you allow your customers shell access to the machine you also need 
much greater security awareness than you'd have for just a normal 
firewalled web server.

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