Hi, I've seen lots of ZSQLmethods patches and such and tried a few of them under 2.1.6, but thought upgrading to 2.2.2 would fix this problem. It didn't. Basically: 1. Create a ZClass 2. Inside create a DTML method and ZSQLmethod 3. from the dtml method call the ZSQLmethod 4. do a <dtml-with "myClassInstanceObj"> <dtml-var myMethod> </dtml-with> 5. get a Unauthorized error no matter what the access privileges are set to This is with the "MySQLda". Is there a newer MySQLda somewhere that fixes this? Or some patch (that works with 2.2.2???)?! Running 2.2.2 from source... now with less hair... Sincerely, Alex. ================================ Zope Error Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Unauthorized You are not authorized to access sqlGetValue. Traceback (innermost last): File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 222, in publish_module File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 187, in publish File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 171, in publish File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/ZPublisher/mapply.py, line 160, in mapply (Object: testmeth) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 112, in call_object (Object: testmeth) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/OFS/DTMLMethod.py, line 172, in __call__ (Object: testmeth) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_String.py, line 528, in __call__ (Object: testmeth) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_With.py, line 146, in render (Object: testcrp) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/OFS/DTMLMethod.py, line 168, in __call__ (Object: craptest) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_String.py, line 528, in __call__ (Object: craptest) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_In.py, line 633, in renderwob (Object: sqlGetValue(tableId='Artist',columnId='Name',keyId='3f69016017c39d5da0a1d60d0a98dbed55d46414')) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_Util.py, line 331, in eval (Object: sqlGetValue(tableId='Artist',columnId='Name',keyId='3f69016017c39d5da0a1d60d0a98dbed55d46414')) (Info: sqlGetValue) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/OFS/DTMLMethod.py, line 194, in validate (Object: testmeth) File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/AccessControl/SecurityManager.py, line 139, in validate File /Zope-2.2.2/lib/python/AccessControl/ZopeSecurityPolicy.py, line 209, in validate Unauthorized: (see above) 1010011010101001101010100110101010011010 0 Digital Garage デジタル車庫 :) 1 Alexander Schonfeld 0 [EMAIL PROTECTED] - pear - 03-5454-7219 1 http://www.zope.ne.jp/ http://www.garage.co.jp _______________________________________________ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists - http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope-announce http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope-dev )

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