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> Hey gang,
> I'm posting this question here because I know a while back some people
> had mentioned they were using Zope.  I'm trying to start using it,
> getting used to the DTML and all the other stuff.  I can get it running
> with my Apache server, and that's all well and good.  But I have these
> two questions which I can't seem to find answers to in current Zope
> documents and help.
> 1.  How do I get the server process to run as a daemon?  I've tried the
> one script for an rc process I found on a site, but my server just hangs
> and I never get a command prompt back.  All other processes I've ever
> run at startup are either designed to be daemons, or have a specific
> switch to add to the program name.

Removing the -D (debug) switch from the z2 line in start.py will cause Zope
to release control of the terminal from which it was started.

> 2.  OK, this is kind of two part.  First, where does Zope actually store
> all of the directories and files you create for a site.  If I have a
> fake directory as the "trigger" for the persistent CGI process, than
> where does it actually store this pages I'm creating?  As an example,
> following the install instructions that comes with Zope, I've set Apache
> to send every request for /zope to the FastCGI process running in the
> background.  That directory does not exist in my htdocs directory.
> Where is this stuff going?

In the "ZODB" (Zope Object Database).  See
http://www.zope.org/Members/mcdonc/HowTos/gainenlightenment for
some nuggets.  This is a tough one to wrap your head around when you first
get started.

>     Two, can I get Zope to answer the general requests for a site (like
> www.bms.school my internal server and fake domain.)  Rather than having
> to specify a directory, it would just send all requests to Zope.  But to
> take that one step further, if I had user accounts set up with the
> /~username convention, would this stuff be able to pass through Zope and
> actually go to those directories?  I don't think I'm making this
> question clear, but I don't know how else to state it right now.

See the SiteAccess product on Zope.org

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