Hi Lars !

Lars Heber wrote:
> I was told to use ZClasses, and I read a lot of documentation about it.
> But I found out that this isn't the thing I was searching for.

Why not use ZClasses ? Look at the ZDP-Tools, and your problems
of displaying the header differently depending upon the meta_type
is really easy.
> So, now I'll try it again, very concrete this time:
> In my root folder, I have a property enterpriseName (string) =
> "myEnterprise".
> Furthermore I have an arbitrary DTML document, and I want to include my
> global property enterpriseName in the title property of this document so
> that the title of the document is "myEnterprise" at the end.
> The sense of that is that when I change the value of enterpriseName
> automatically all titles are updated.
> It is not possible to include this enterpriseName into
> standard_html_header or similar, because there will be many documents,
> and only some of them need the enterpriseName in their titles, others
> want to add an own text to the enterpriseName resulting in e. g. "This
> is the Homepage of XYZ, who is working at myEnterprise".

If you have meta_type "Employee", then the "Header" would include
"This is the Homepage of <dtml-var title>, who is working at
<dtml-var myEnterprise>. If you have another meta_type like "Project",
then the Header method could be "<dtml-var title> <dtml-var my_enterprise>.
> I generally just want to insert one property into another...

Just have a look at how it is done in the ZDP-Tools.
> Please, please help me, I'm despairing in the meantime...

It's really just a problem of displaying headers differently
depending on meta_type.

Maik Röder

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