Title: sendmail tag strangeness
I have searched around about sendmail tag problems on the list and have found similar answers to my question. However none of them work.

I have used this syntax
<dtml-sendmail mailhost="MailHost">
To: <<dtml-var recipient>>
Subject: <Whatever>



I pay close attention to not having any whitespace before the To: and From: headers.

I receive this error from multiple SMTP hosts: 503 must have sender and recipient first

I can send an email with this syntax:

<dtml-sendmail mailhost="MailHost" mailto="[EMAIL PROTECTED]" mailfrom="[EMAIL PROTECTED]">



The problem is, I have to put in the recipient by hand. This method is supposed to email a recipient after filling out a form so the recipient has to be a variable. When I try using <dtml-var recipient> or &dtml-recipient; or _[recipient] I still have errors or the SMTP log shows that the variable does not get evaluated and shows up as a string of <&dtml-recipient;> as being the recipient in the SMTP header.

Is this a bug? Is there something else I could try?


Scott B.

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