Maik Roeder proclaimed:
> Sudhakar Chandra wrote:
> > Questions:
> > 1. The problem with this DTML method is that all the DTML Documents and
> > Folders are represented as a link in the nav bar.  I want to build
> > intelligence into this DTML method to make the tab / cell for the current
> > document just textual (as opposed to a link).  If I am calling this method
> > from foo_html, I do not the "tab" for foo_html to be a link.  How do I do
> > this?  I'm guessing some kind of #if.
> First you can store the your url:
> <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('my_url', absolute_url())">
> Then, when you call your method, you can test whether your
> url is the current url
> <dtml-if "absolute_url()==my_url">
> The must be another way of doing this, but I can't remember. Does
> someone else see how this could be done differently ?

Thanks.  It took a bit of hackage on my part because I was calling the
subcategories DTML Method like so:

<!--#with aq_parent-->
<!--#var subcategories-->

As you can see, I'm in a different name space inside the DTML method.  I
put in the REQUEST.set in the main DTML Document instead of the DTML method
and it worked like a charm.  Only pain now is that all my DTML Documents
now need to have the REQEST.set directive in them.  Not a big deal.

> > 2. Currently, the TD cells of the table vary in length based on the
> > contents of the cell.  I want all the TDs to be of equal length.  I want to
> > first count the number of DTML Documents and Folders and make each TD to be
> > width 100/n % (where n is the number of Documents and Folders).  Any ideas
> > on how I can do math inside DTML methods?
> You can set a REQUEST variable with the result of your computation:
> <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('width', 100 / _.len(objectIds(['DTML 

This worked like a charm.  Thanks!

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