Lalo Martins wrote:
> > anything else where multiple people edit the same document
> > online). Watch ZWiki!!!!
> So wouldn't the original WikiWikiWeb be prior art?

I would think there is a lot of prior art. What I wrote above
should have been enclosed in <SARCASM> tags. :)

After citing several other patents there big key is supposed to
be not ahving to download a version of the document and work on
it locally and then upload it again. Also I noticed that their
software only works (according to them) with Mac & MS OS's. I
guess DC should file for a patent based on total cross-platform
use! <vbg>

Our patent office doesn't have a clue and doesn't seem to
research very much either. It's becoming worse than useless. One
of the developers that frequents the openhealth mailing lists
recently indicated that he had been contacted because he
supposedly infringed on someones patent. No details yet but he
indicated that it was some basic implementation that many
developers have done before.

<Sorry for the topic drift>

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