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note that most probably the reference will look something like

That is, you'll loose the port, but you rape your url.
If you want a shorter url, you most probably have to do other (isapi like)
things to IIS

> I don't want any reference to the server port 8080.
> I have read several help documents on IIS and PCGI AND THEY ALL SAY

> One document said to copy the Zope.pcgi to the IIS cgi-bin folder and
> another said to copy it to the IIS scripts folder.

the main point is you need _one_ (not several) Zope.pcgi file that has the
proper locations of all the things needed in it.  It does not matter where
you put it. In your  <zopehome>/pcgi/util directory there is a pcgifile.py
script that will help you check the pcgi info file (that is the very
Zope.pcgi file I referred to). If this doesn't report any errors, your
IIS-pcgi connection will probably work.

> One document showed the Zope.pcgi file path configuration completely
> different from mine. The document showed :
> PCGI_MODULE_PATH=X:\WebSite\lib\python\Main.py
> And mine showed
> PCGI_MODULE_PATH=F:\InetPub\wwwroot\cgi-bin\ZopeSite\lib\python\Zope

this may be true, but it's a strange place for a Zope installation

> The document even had files I didn't have anywhere in my directory like
> pcgi.soc and some in completely different folders like:

hm, IIRC the soc file is Unix only.

> Help document:
> PCGI_MODULE_PATH=X:\WebSite\pcgi\pcgi.pid
> My file:
> PCGI_MODULE_PATH=F:\InetPub\wwwroot\cgi-bin\ZopeSite\var\pcgi.pid
> I know there must be a a simple way to accomplish this.

It can be simple, but it may turn into a nightmare if it doesn't work (you
have been warned). As a comfort, it took me no more than a quarter of an
hour to get it installed on several different NT machines.

I just need someone
> to tell me how to do it STEP BY STEP.

Your best step by step guide is on



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