Has anyone considered WDDX for Zope? This seems like a nice next step to

exchanging data beyond RSS, but not as ambitious as SOAP and has SDKs
for  CF, perl, etc.

I have some applications in mind for intranet syndication that goes
beyond what RSS can do. Also there is full rdf.

From: http://www.wddx.org/

Welcome to WDDX.ORG, the home of the WDDX SDK and related projects.
WDDX.ORG seeks to empower Web developers with technology that enables
them to create new forms of value on the Internet using distributed data
and Web syndicate networks. The Web Distributed Data Exchange, or WDDX,
is a free, open XML-based technology that allows Web applications
created with any platform to easily exchange data with one another over
the Web. To learn more about WDDX, check out the Understanding WDDX
section of the site.

Who created WDDX?
Allaire created WDDX in order to solve key problems in exchanging data
between Web applications. In particular, Simeon Simeonov, Allaire's
language technology architect, created WDDX to support problems of
distributed computing within ColdFusion. This work was generalized into
a cross-language framework, and resulted in the creation of the WDDX SDK
and WDDX.org. The WDDX SDK was created by Nate Weiss, an independent Web
developer, with the support of Allaire and a number of other third

How does WDDX work?
All of the standard programming environments on the Web (ColdFusion,
Perl, ASP, Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc) include native data structures
such as arrays, record sets or value pairs. WDDX provides a module for
each language that will automatically serialize or translate the native
data structures into an abstract representation in XML, or deserialize
WDDX XML into a native data structure. For example, you could use WDDX
to take a complex array in ColdFusion, serialize it into XML, send it to
an ASP server, and then deserialize from XML into a VBScript array
object with all the types natively converted. This conversion process
between languages is relatively transparent to developers by shifting
any XML processing and interaction into the WDDX modules, eliminating
developers from having to directly program or manipulate XML themselves,

This is not an RMI mechanism.

Albert Boulanger

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