Chris Withers wrote:
> Pierre-Julien Grizel wrote:
> >
> > I want my product to be callable with two method, say "m1" and "m2",
> > that perform different tasks.
> How would these methods be called?
> Chris

Well, I've got my product P somewhere in my object hierarchy.

Its methods _should_ be called <dtml-var "P.m1 (<param1>)">

where <param1> is a string parameter my method needs to know.

I'd like to avoid the _.None and _ stuff if there is a way to do so.

I looked at the __call__ method (and read the 'isDocTemp' thread ;-)  )
and, if I must, I can replace m1 and m2 with a __call__ method taking
another parameter specifying what kind of action it has to do.

Many thanks,


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