I asked this question a couple of months ago but received no response, so I 
figured I would ask it again to see if anyone can answer the question...

We are running Zope behind an Apache server. We've got things configured so 
that it mostly works. However, we noticed that the "breadcrumbs" list at 
the top of a workspace screen doesn't work correctly. For example, if I'm 
looking at the object /Foo/Bar/Baz, the list of items in the breadcrumbs 
might look like this:

DTMLDocument at / Foo / Bar / Baz

The links to Foo and Bar do not correctly take into account the extra item 
needed to tell Apache that the link goes to the Zope site. For example, the 
link to Foo needs to say something like


instead of


The tabs for the management screens work fine, however.

In looking at what is happening, I believe the problem exists because the 
links in the breadcrumbs line are relative links.  The link to "foo" would 
look like this:

<a href="/foo/manage_workspace">Foo</a>

instead of

<a href="http://foo.bar.com/Zope/Foo/manage_workspace>

When I open the page, the URL I give my browser is "foo.bar.com", but my 
Proxy settings in Apache redirect the request to 
"foo.bar.com:8080/Zope".  When my browser sees the relative path, it 
prepends the "foo.bar.com" instead of "foo.bar.com:8080/Zope" because it 
doesn't know any better.  I've managed to get around the problem by 
changing some code in the tabs_path_info method found in 
Management.py.  Basically I modifed the code to prepend "BASE0" to each of 
the items in the breadcrumbs list.  This way, I get absolute links instead 
of relative.  However, I'm wondering if there is just some additional 
configuration I need to do in Apache to fix this problem without modifying 
Zope itself.  Has anyone else encountered this and is this a bug in Zope, 
or is this simply a configuration issue that I need to resolve. If its a 
configuration issue, what would I need to change.   Any help would be 


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