The core of HTTP authentication is the following (you have to put the authentication 
into the HTTP header):

                import httplib
                h.putheader("AUTHORIZATION", "Basic %s" % string.replace(
                        encodestring("%s:%s" % (self.username, self.password)),
                        "\012", ""))

there is a xmlrpc howto where you find a detailed description:

good luck

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On 06.10.2000 at 14:22 Hung Jung Lu wrote:

>Where can I find out more information on HTTP user authentication? I have 
>seen the RFC before, but it's a bit too technical to follow. I think Python 
>does not include the authentication/cookie handling part probably because 
>out of concern about abuses. :)
>Does anyone know where I can find more info on the authentication and cookie 
>protocol stuff? Is there any Python module already written to handle these 
>The idea is to be able to fetch external webpages automatically using 
>Python, including providing the necessary auth and cookie info. Of course 
>this opens up a whole can of security worms, but heck, it's open information 
>and someone must already have written something in Python already.
>Hung Jung
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