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> > It all began when I was a small child, but I'll skip ahead
> > a bit.... 
> I almost hate to say this, since your post is an interesting
> one otherwise, but please don't send HTML email to the list.
> Some of the people here don't use HTML-capable mail clients.

<RANT target="Microsoft">
[Charlie draws a deep breath and starts out softly]

I'm not a dummy.  I've been a UNIX application developer and SysAdmin
for ten years.  Really goofy hardware too.  Ever try and build Sendmail
on a Pyramid MIS-4?  For ten years before that I was an electronics
repair technician.  I've forgotten more technical details than most
people will ever know, and I relish that I can pick up some strange piece
of equipment and figure out how to operate it in a matter of minutes.
_And_ I'm a ham radio operator - we *love* buttons and knobs!


Yes, yes, I've been through all the usual steps.  I even check the
format settings on the message before sending it to confirm that it is
in fact plaintext.  No matter.  It gets posted with f-ing HTML!  This is
despite the fact that I'm now stuck sending plaintext to everyone in
our organization!  My suspicion is that some well meaning but deranged
Exchange SMTP gateway server is doing the conversion, as there's a meta
tag that says the HTML generator is Exchange.  I've tried talking to
the people who run the servers, but they are clueless and keep saying
it's something I'm doing.

So I just try to avoid posting to the list from Outlook, but last night
at the office I was (and still am) desparate.  But now I'm home with
Linux/Mutt. Yay! :-)

Sorry you had to read that.  (Where's my medication?)


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