Nico Grubert writes:
 > i created a zclass "myzclass" inside a product "myprod".
 > inside of the zclass i created a dtml-method "mymethod_html" which can
 > be found by the tab "Methods".
 > in the root folder i have created a dtml-method "gimme_html" conatinintg
 > the following code to access the method "mymethod_html" :
 > <dtml-with "manage_addProduct['myprod']">
 > <dtml-with "myzclass">
 >   <dtml-var "gimme_html">
Surely, you mean:
     <dtml-var mymethod_html>
 > </dtml-with>
 > </dtml-with>
 > this code will bring me up a login-screen. 
 > i am logged in as manager with the role Manager.
 > i have no permission to access "mymethod_html". WHY ? WHERE DO I HAVE TO
 > when i type in "superuser" and the password for the superuser I DO HAVE
 > access to the dtml-method "mymethod_html".
When I try this in my (installed) Zope 2.2.2, I get a name error
both as manager and superuser. Obviously, the ZClass methods
are no longer directly accessable via the ZClass.

I suppose, ZClass methods are not supposed to be used independent
from ZClass instances. When I access the method via a ZClass
instance, everything works as expected, i.e. it can be used
both by manager and superuser (and probably others, I just did not


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