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>This is a very important point - I think people would rather 
>be able to implement SOAP services selectively rather than 
>by One Big Switch that may expose just about anything. I would 
>very much like to see a project started on dev.zope.org that 
>starts off by drafting a "user manual" that describes how SOAP 
>services would be implemented from the standpoint of a Zope 
>developer. This would give us a good way to come to agreement 
>without worrying about code just yet. 

Ive been considering this point of view over the weekend, and I think
I disagree. Zope already has a perfectly good definition of 'web
service' - the definition used by ZPublisher and the xml-rpc
implementation (and FTP, to a lesser extent).

Developing Zope services already involves enough detail - An extra
layer of abstraction here is undesirable.

I suspect many people using xml-rpc are, like me, not completely
satisfied with its feature set. Id been looking to soap to fill these
holes, and I would be disappointed if soap wasnt implemented in the
same way.

>Some attention should be given to how SOAP services get exposed by 
>other systems at this point (they do *not* just suddenly expose 
>every in-memory object to SOAP).

And that's plainly not the case for Petru Paler's soap implementation
- he only exposes the same objects and methods exposed by ZPublisher.

>There are a number of people 
>who have recently voiced their (legitimate) concern that by 
>default *practically everything* on their site is xml-rpc 

Those people were concerned that too many things were exposed via
ZPublisher also.... My interpretation was that the issue is one of
access control, not publishing protocol.

Toby Dickenson

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