I've been experiencing two problems with cookies from Zope:

1) When I set a cookie with the path set to the root
   <dtml-call "RESPONSE.setCookie('account',AUTHENTICATED_USER,path='/')">
I'm still not able to click through to another hyperlink once I'm logged in, 
i.e., I've used www.ddi.nl/support to go the password protected Zope site, 
logged in as a customer, and from there I can choose other parts of the site 
(below .../support/). However, www.ddi.nl is an alias of 
www.datadistilleries.com (the actual name): as a result it asks me for the 
password again. I thought setting the path to '/' would convince Zope I'm 
authorized, but apparently it's not the case.

2) This might be related to 1. I've created a logout link on the 
.../support/index_html page, which looks as follows:
<dtml-call "RESPONSE.expireCookie('account',path='/')">
However, once I've been redirected I can still access the password protected 
.../support/ site without Zope asking me for a login name.

Now, I'm not 'cookie guru', so please don't tell me how stupid it is of me 
that I didn't think of this or that to make it work. I did do my background 
research homework though!

Thanks for reading this far ;-).


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