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>> The information you just provided about the DTML Method "call
>> signature" and the like is very useful.  Is this kind of reference
>> material written down somewhere in a guide/how-to/wiki/...?
>The only thing I could find offhand is
>ce, which I wrote.
>I don't know if ZDP or someone else has documented it.
>Evan @ digicool & 4-am
OK so I have a similar but still to me confusing problem

I have a Product P containing two folderish ZClasses A and B. A and B
both have class specific methods A_init and B_init to initialise
specific bits of each. The product P has some methods eg M defined which
are useful to both A and B.

1) How do I make the add methods behave identically whether I invoke
as /dir/manage_addProduct/P/A_add or when I invoke from the manage add
interface. I want to know the meta_type of the actual location where the
product will appear not the factory's meta_type.

2) When I attempt to call B_add from inside A's private method A_init
I seem to see a completely different context from when I call B_add
directly on an instance of A.

3) I suppose this is related to the fact that inside A_init (the private
method) I don't seem to see the same context as in A_add, ie the method
M is visible in A_add, but not in A_init.

How do ZClass contexts and the product context relate?
Robin Becker

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