> Hi everyone,
> I've read the "Using Apache with ZServer (NOT Zope.cgi)" How-To and I find
> that my situation is different enough from the ones described that I'm not
> having any luck setting it up. I'd appreciate any suggestions on the
> following:
> My current Zope site is at http://www.isd197.k12.mn.us/ which uses
> Zope.cgi. There are a number of other static, non-Zope virtual hosts running
> on that same machine representing a number of our elementary schools.
> I've been developing a new Zope site on a separate machine at
> using just ZServer and I would like to use
> ProxyPass to pass a request for www.isd197.k12.mn.us through to this new
> site.
> Can someone suggest ProxyPass and SiteRoot settings that will make this
> work?
> -Tim


Without going into too much detail, you are going to want to set up a
virtual host in apache for the hostname www.isd197.k12.mn.us, and inside
that virtual host you will want to add your ProxyPass lines similar to my

     ServerAdmin [EMAIL PROTECTED]
     DocumentRoot /home/knight/www/phunc/html
     ServerName www.phunc.com
     ErrorLog /home/knight/www/phunc/logs/error_log
     CustomLog /home/knight/www/phunc/logs/access_log combined
     ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/home/knight/www/cgi-bin/"

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
     RewriteEngine On
     RewriteLog "/home/knight/www/phunc/logs/rewrite_log"
     RewriteLogLevel 2
     RewriteRule ^/cgi-bin/ - [L]
     RewriteRule ^/local/(.*) http://www.phunc.com/$1 [L]
     RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://www.phunc.com:8080/$1 [P]
     ProxyVia on


Where I've used Rewrite, you will want to replace it with your ProxyPass
lines. Keep in mind that _any_ requests for www.isd197.k12.mn.us will get
passed to your zope site, and you will need to add "local" entries for
directories you want to stay on the apache system for that FQDN.

For the other non-Zope virtual hosts, just have them set up the same way
they are most likely.


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