> >  > > to reply to Andy? In my own reportlab distribution I changed;
> >>  > import Image
> >>  > to
> >>  > from PIL import Image
> >>
> >>  Well, it sounds right and if it works then it probably is ;-) It
> >>  probably depends exactly where you install PIL, though, which I
> >>  done yet :-S
> >
> >The Photo product and the ExtImage products do more or less the same -
> >seems to become the standard way. It would be nice to have one place to
> >PIL, though. the lib/python/shared directory would be a good place I
> >
> >Rik
> Is this because you're thinking of the binary releases of Zope?

yes, that's my reference at least ;-)

> If you're using the reportlab libraries, then you've probably
> installed them into /usr/local/lib/python1.5/site-packages (ie you're
> used to using source distributions). If you can do that, you're
> probably ok with putting PIL into lib/python/shared. So why not have
> it in site-packages?

ok, that's a good choice if you're working from source distributions.

> Or have I missed something obvious (I probably have - it's been a looong

no, you missed nothing, I just thought it would be good to make a remark
about this. The point is that the Photo product puts the thing in it's own
subdirectory (or so it seems, I haven't used it really) _and_ uses the
PIL.pth thing. And PIL comes with a PIL.pth itself. If PIL is used by more
products, it is a good idea to put it inone place, be it lib/python/shared
or /usr/local/lib/python1.5/site-packages or whatever directory in your
Python Path. But note that acoording to the site.py documentation these do
not exist in windows or mac installations and that <package>.pth file may
contain any directory.


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