Chris Withers writes:
 > "Geoffrey L. Wright" wrote:
 > > 
 > > Where objectName2 is actually an attribute of objectName1.
 > >
 > > <dtml-with objectName1>
 > >         <dtml-var attribute1>
 > >         <dtml-var attribute2>
 > >         <dtml-var attribute3>
 > >         <dtml-with objectName2>
 > >                    <dtml-var attribute1>
 > >         </dtml-with>
 > > </dtml-with>
 > The above should now work...
 > ...if it doesn't please explain in what way ;-)
Hmmm...  OK.  Here is my relevant code, complete with resulting error message:

        <dtml-with sidebar_item>

          <dtml-var attribute1>
          <dtml-var attribute2>
          <dtml-with gsi_content>
            <dtml-with inventory>
              <dtml-with attribute3>
                <dtml-var short_desc>

        </dtml-with sidebar_item>

And Zope sez:

  Error Type: KeyError
  Error Value: short_desc

attribute1, attribute2 and attribute3 are all attributes of
sidebar_item.  If I change the <dtml-with attribute3> to read 
<dtml-with weepee_the_weewee> (where weepee_the_weewee is the actual
name of the object I'm trying to refer to), then  I see the short_desc
attribute of weepee_the_weewee perfectly.

Don't I have to do something in my syntax to indicate that I'm looking
for the the value of attribute3 rather than an object with the literal
id "attribute3"?

 > cheers,
 > Chris

Dazed & Confused,


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