J Kinsley writes:
 > /FrameSet - DTML Method
 > .....
 > XXX - How can I negate this?  IE. <dtml-if "not section">
<dtml-unless section>
 > <dtml-if section> 
 > <dtml-else>
 > <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('section', '/ViewFrame')">
 > </dtml-if section>
 > XXX - I do not think calling REQUEST.set() is the best way to
 > accomplish this.  What is a better way?
It is ineffective, as you do not use "topframe" later (in *this*
 > <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('topframe', '1')">
 > <frameset rows="60,75,*">
 >  <frame name="title_frame" src="&dtml-absolute_url;/TitleFrame">
 >  <frame name="banner_frame" src="&dtml-absolute_url;/BannerFrame">
 >  <frame name="view_frame" src="&dtml-absolute_url;&dtml-section;">
 > </frameset>
 > .....

 > XXX - I can not get this to work at all.  Topframe should be set or
 > true if the visitor arrived in the /Files Folder from the top level
 > frameset and /Files/ViewFrame will be loaded into the view_frame
 > target.
The frameset and its frames parts are fetched in *different* requests.
The "REQUEST.set" only affects the REQUEST object for the
frameset. The REQUEST objects for the frame components are
not affected.

You have two options:

 * a session product (there are some around on zope.org)
   it allows you to save information across web requests

 * passing the additional information through a query string
   key=value pair (do not forget to "url_quote_plus")

 > XXX - If this method is called from the top level FrameSet method,
 > how to I access dir and file from the original request?
see above.


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