Matt wrote:
> I have benn having a problem with attaching images to a dtml-sendmail.
> The following is my dtml code :
> <dtml-sendmail mailhost="MailHost">
> To: Feedback Recipient <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> From: Zope Feedback Form <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Feedback from the web
>  Feedback from : Matt
> <dtml-mime type=image/jpeg encode=7bit><dtml-var "paris">
>   </dtml-mime>
>  </dtml-sendmail>
> "paris" is the ID  of an image I uploaded into a node inherited when I
> action this dtml document, so there are no key errors or similar.
> The result in the email I get is :
>  Feedback from : Matt Comments:
> Hello there, this is a sample email message for testing.
> Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
> boundary=""
> --
> Content-Type: image/jpeg
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
> <img src="http://localhost:8080/admin_test/paris" alt="paris"
> height="630" width="472" border="0">
> --
> I understand that the dtml-mime tag is modifying the action of dtml-var
> that follows it, but what I want is the actual text coded binary to be
> dumped and not a source tag ... i.e. it's an email, not a webpage.
> I thought of embedding that in an external method that returns the text
> coded binary w.r.t the encoding type placed in the attributes, but was
> wondering if there was a method like this already available, and maybe
> not just image centric.

i don't have much experience with the mime-tags but, if you're problem
seems to be that you want the binary data of the image. when the dtml
tag renders its just dropping a string link to the Image. what you want
here is (i think) the binary data that represents the image. hmmm...
looking through the source of i don't see a web accessible
manner to get this info:(

another option is to set the mime on the email to text/html and send the
image as a link.


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