Perhaps you misunderstood me.
THis is an example of how convuluted DTML can get, but if you have an
example of how to do it clearly, I'd love to see it. 

> Jason Spisak writes:
>  > <dtml-in expr="_.range(0, 10)">
>  >   <dtml-call "_.getitem(_.str(a), 1)._.getitem(_.str(a),
>  > 1).manage_addFolder(_.str(_['sequence-item']),
>  > _.str(_['sequence-item']))">
>  > Throws an unathorized no matter who I am. How can I get 3 levels of
>  > recursion.  I tried using 'let' to stand for the object, with no luck.
> That's the just penalty for writing weird code ;-)

Actually, that's the penalty for using DTML.  There's a difference.

> When you would introduce names for destination folder
> and id, you could use the same pattern for *all* levels.

I don't understand what you are getting at here.

> You and other persons would understand what you do
> and you would not accidentally use the attribute "_".

I personally, don't like using the "_" attribute at all. But in situation
like this, I don't see another way.  Please enlighten me.

Jason Spisak

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