Hi, Robert

BTW, this is a FAQ, but:

use the :list extension in your html.


<select multiple name="<dtml-var form_save_name>:list">
<dtml-in thelistitems>
  <option value="<dtml-var sequence-item>"><dtml-var

Works for checkboxes, too!

-- Jim Washington

Robert Joseph Roos wrote:
> <dtml-expr="_.type(some_variable_of_unknown_type)">
> causes a name error, while other python builtins
> like _.string(some_int) work fine.  What gives?
> Is there some other "zopist" way to type-check?
> More generally, is there a better way to deal with the annoying
> fact that multiple selectors return a list UNLESS there are
> <=1 items selected, in which case they return a single item or None?
> (rather than a list with only one member, in the case of 1 object
> selected, or an empty list, in the case of none,
> which would SEEM to be the consistant way to do things,
> since <dtml-in> wouldn't choke.)

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