Max Møller Rasmussen wrote:
> What am I doing wrong here ... please !!
> I am trying to make an autoincrementing counter for use in a diskussion
> forum. It's purpose is to autogenereate id's for new messages.
> It is important that the id's are in order, so I need to make them this way.

Is it more important that they be in an order, or that they be in a
specific sequential list?

For example, an id based upon time stamp would indeed provide IDs that
re orderable (thus handling the in order part). While a list od IDs
named 1,2,3,4... is more like a 'linked list', where you know what
follows and what precedes a given id. 

However, by using objectIds, you can obtian a list of ids in a given
object (folder), and thus provide one for yourself, if needed.

FTR, I have implemented both ways of doing it. I am leaning towards the
timestamp as being more effective, & simpler.


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