I am using Zope and Python 1.5.2 on Win2000. I guess that it is a fairly
simple setup.

My Zope site is in a folder called c:\mxmZope, and my vanilla Python is in
C:\Program Files\Python.

usually when I write Python I just use PythonWin to edit and run my scripts.
I then write test in the buttom of my file that shows that everything works.

This works nicely, but when writing Zope products I get really frustrated. I
cannot easily automate my tests.

I put my products into C:\mxmZope\lib\python\Products\name and edit them
from there, but trying to edit just a simple syntax error means a restart of
Zope. That gets tired real fast. Especially when all you have to do to make
mistakes is forgetting a comment under a method etc.

I cannot run the program from my PythonWin or IDLE as they are set to the
standard Python enviroment. Do other set os.path.append('ZopeDir') or
something and the comment that out when running or what?

The error messages I get that way are also rather lacking. Reloading the
file in the browser, reading the source and getting a traceback like the one
below, for a method I know exists. But dissapeared because of some, probably
minor, typing mistake.

  ... SNIP
  File C:\mxmZope\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 162, in publish
  File C:\mxmZope\lib\python\ZPublisher\BaseRequest.py, line 380, in
  File C:\mxmZope\lib\python\ZPublisher\HTTPResponse.py, line 529, in
NotFound: (see above)

I am shure that there must be a better way, but what is it? How do you guys
edit and test your products? Even .asp is far better than the way I am doing
it now.

At least I dont have to restart the server when I make a simple mistake, I
can also easily put in testcode and Response.Writes to se what is happening.

I love Python among other things because of the nice traceback and debugging
features, but I feel that they are somewhat lost when developing Zope.

Shurely it must be me being ignorant here.

Regards Max M

"There must be more than just this." - V-ger

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