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| | for the other part of serving static content, it really depends what you
| | want but here are two ways to do it.
| | 
| | 1.    use the LocalFileSystem product,
| | http://www.zope.org/Products/Members/jfarr/Products/LocalFS/LocalFS-0.9.6.tg
| | z
| That I already do, so that one is okay.
| | 2.    use Apache to intercept calls to a specific dir before passing it onto
| | Zope, e.g. use a RewriteRule.
| Yup, this is what I need. I think was being unclear about what I really
| -wanted: I want to still be able to use php and such thing, even if I
| serve Zope from root. So the RewriteRule does the trick?

On a second thought: What I _really_  want (I think, unless someone
tells me differently :-) ) is a conditional ProxyPass, to tell apache
to redirect everything _unless_ the URI is /static (or something).

But this is probably something for apache geeks.

Thanks anyway.
Jørn Helge B. Dahl

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