I have just started looking at zope for the site I am developing. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether it sounds like an appropriate tool to use.
The basic idea of my site is to be a sort of multi-user-dimension for text. Meaning, we'll have various books available in a database, and people can log on and read a chapter or a whole book. The innovative part is that we will track which users are reading which texts, and let people interact with others reading the same text as them. We will also provide some other features, including user customization of fonts and colors, and the ability for users to write new texts to be included in the content library. People will be able to read, write, and discuss with each other. To enable serious literary analysis of diverse documents, we will have a number of text-parsing tools available to readers. One other important thing to mention is that we will have a lot of text in non-Latin character sets, including right to left languages.
My questions are:
1) Could Zope help me keep track of who is reading what and match people up for discussion?
2) Could Zope help me personalize the fonts and other display settings for each user? How about letting users create their own bookmarks within the texts?
3) Could Zope help me manage user created content and the relations between content and its creators?
4) Could Zope handle right to left text and non-Latin character sets?
5) What are the advantages/disadvantages to developing this site with Zope as opposed to MySQL and PHP?
6) Could Zope help me make the same content available to ordinary web browsers and wireless devices in different formats?
7) Since we are going to be having discussion, we might want to stream voice between users and also stream pre-recorded voice. Any support for that?
8) Where can I find speed benchmark information about Zope?
9) Where can I find virtual server and collocation hosting for my site if I want to use zope, or do I have to administrate my own server?
Any input about any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for my ignorance.

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