when I try to start zope on windows machine i get:
problem(100) ZServer Computing local hostname
then it says:
ZServer Medusa (V1.16.4.3) started at... timestamp...
 hostname: dsl1254-096...isp.net
then the FTP server starts:
hostname: rlhome
the PCGI server starts:
inet socket port: 8090
Monitor Server starts on port 8099
The dos window seems to hang after this.
when I start a browser and goto http://localhost:8099/manage I get an number, apparently an error:
back in the dos window, I see:
ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing channel <PCGIChannel at 1307340> <exceptions.ValueError:invalid literal for atio<>: Get/ manag [c:\programfiles/home/zserver/medusa/asyncore.py|75] [c:\programfiles/home/zserver/medusa/asyncore.py|handle_read_event|327] [c:\programfiles/home/zserver/medusa/asynchat.py|handle_read|110] [c:\programfiles/home/zserver/pcgi.server.py|found_terminator|146]>

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