Just a few comments to throw into the naming convention.

Any name chosen will require educating the user as to it's definition.
Some names are already defined in other spaces. Some of which are
heavily overloaded. There is also discussion as to the accuracy of
various names in the context of the usage within Zope. It is apparent
the choice isn't clear and easy.

As Michel has posted that a vote will occur in the near future a
determination will be made.

Currently one of the terms in usage is External Methods. From my
understanding of the future direction of the Python Methods (restricted
and unrestricted) the term External will not be accurate as the code
will be within the ZODB and the differentiation will be in the
capability of the method. Due to this I think the usage of External not
be included in the name. Likewise Internal.

Regarding Safe and Power. I have no major problems with Safe, however I
thing Power brings along a lot of connotations or implications which may
or may not be accurate concerning the abilities of Safe. As others have
noted why choose Safe when you can use Power. Why, will have to be a
part of the educational process. However proper perspective and
understanding can start by not using Power in the name. I believe Power
is not the right choice.

Unsafe has also been proposed. I do not like this either because it is
not accurate. Simply because something dangerous, foolish or stupid can
be done using this method type does not mean it will be. Are we to label
all objects "unsafe" simply because of the capacity of harm? Safety is
in the hands of the programer. You cannot stop someone with the
capability from doing something harmful if they choose. I would prefer
the term Unrestricted or something similar. It simply denotes
capabilities without implying it is dangerous. It isn't dangerous, it
can be used dangerously, there is a difference. It is like many tools
which can be used or abused.

Hope this helps.

Jimmie Houchin

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