> My 2 ZoNT (Zope on NT workstation) boxen haven't needed rebooting yet.
> sit mostly idle with occasional light loads.  They are P100/32MB/1.2GB
> old(er than dirt) Industrial Computer Supply boxes.  You know, 19" rack
> mount 4U units.  Good, solid, slow hardware.  They survive NT rather well.
> One is running 2 instances of Zope (one for dev) and has been for 15 days
> since last reboot.  I will be looking for at least a 6 month uptime.
> They serve a departmental intranet application that I am writing.  It's on
> NT because I need to use ODBC to get to a local MS Access Database.
> Troy
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> sorry if this is offtopic, but i see reference of rebooting every so often
> with NT( and maybe W2K).  is this real?  or FUD?
> i use linux myself and would like to confirm this from all you guys'
> experience

I have had a number of Zope sites running on NT with rather modest hardware.
It performed reasonably to good and without troubles for months on an end,
even with several people developing on it and a number of students accessing
it. Mostly ODBC (SQL Server and even Access) will also work without trouble.
It will also behind IIS. If something goes wrong it is usually an ODBC
problem no Zope internal problem. The only real major problem is when SQL
This is no pro NT argument, but just a reassurance that there is no reason
not to use Zope on NT, though I would switch to Linux if I could...


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