>> Hi all
>> Is anyone using or know the current state of Zope with python 2.0 ?
>I've been somewhat curious about this myself.

The current release of Zope works well on python 2.0. If you are a
cautious type, you might not want to use it on a production server
yet. (I would certainly recommend you dont if you allow untrusted
users to write dtml)

>Will there need to be large changes now that strings are proper objects? (the 
>string functions are now methods of strings).  If so, will this mean the 
>phasing out of _.string ?

_.string is unlikely to go away.

String methods are currently inaccessible TTW. The security
implications of opening this up have not yet been assessed.

>Will the new Unicode support, does this mean Zope is now a big step closer to 

My patches to give Zope full (full enough for me) unicode support are
at http://www.zope.org/Members/htrd/wstring.

>And from the looks of things there are a large number of small changes that 
>could be made to improve performance (such as the new 'augmented assignment' 
>operators [ += *= /= and so on] )....

It seems likely that they will not be available in dtml (for the same
reasons as regular assignment). The case for PythonMethods has not yet
been investigated

>watching closely,

Not closely enough ;-)

Toby Dickenson

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