I have the O'Reilly book, but can't seem to find more
complete information on how to do 'if's' in a SQL thing.
Here's the scenario:
I have three different 'teams' and want to run a call
specific to each team. I am passing in three parameters,
two of which go in the sql statement, the other goes in
the if statement:
<:if "team='S"'>
sql statement
<:elif "team='C'">
blah, blah
It tells me it doesn't like the syntax of the 'if' (I have
stuff in the python file that lets me use ':' in place of
'dtml-'). I have tried all the flavors: "team=='S'",
"team=S", "team==S", etc. and it doesn't like any of
If you guys know of another reference, please let me
Yvonne 8)
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