You could DIY: I bought myself a server (256Mb RAM, 20Gb RAID1, Athlon
Thunderbird 850Mhz) and I'm getting it colocated at one of the best-wired
places in the UK.  The bandwidth can be upped on a month-by-month basis.
This way you get full control over everything.  My costs:

server ?650 (that's about $500 I think)
hosting ?37.50 / month for 1 Gb / 512k burst (about $30)
time to set it all up :S

Of course, the hosting gets *much* cheaper as you buy more, but this scheme
suits the way I intend to grow.

I believe hardware and bandwidth is even cheaper in the states, so why not
consider something like that?


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> Hi,
> I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a commercial Zope
> hosting service for me.
> I've looked at the resources page on, and I have a
> couple feelers out, but I'd like to ask the community for
> recommendations as well.
> Requirements:
> I need a system that can handle a potentially very heavy
> load, though at first it will be quite small - we're a
> startup and have no customers yet.
> Location: We're in the northeast USA and most of our users
> will probably be in the US as well, so I'd prefer a service
> in North America.
> Zope: 2.2 at least, and access to install new products and
> external methods.
> I'm currently on, but they have zope 2.1 and I
> need zope >= 2.2 so I can use my custom product derived from
> PTK 0.9.
> Storage: We're doing things with digital images - *big* ones
> - so we need to start at about 100 MB and will need to grow;
> we'll be storing a *lot* of data for our users.  Eventually
> (probably not until later in 2001) we'll need MUCH more -
> possibly up to 1 GB eventually. (Beyond that point we will
> probably just rent a server at or somewhere
> but first we need to be able to develop a big enough
> customer base to pay for it.)
> Data transfer: Several times greater than storage. Users
> will upload large files which we will then download to our
> local network, so that's at least 2x our storage needs, plus
> there's the transfer involved in just using the site.
> Pricing: since our storage requirements will be continually
> growing, I'd like a payment plan that enables us to pay for
> the storage we need and add more as needed.
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