Hi all, just need to check the received wisdom regarding the various
possible combinations for doing virtual hosting with zope.

I have two domains, one is 'mine' and I want that to go to the root of
my zope installation. the other domain is for an internal client and I
want that to go to a folder within my zope (so they can acquire some of
my content).

www.blue.com --> zopeserver/
www.red.com  --> zopeserver/red/

Whats the best way?

There seem to be three or four options, apache on 80 with zope on 8080
using virtual hosts on both (either?), squid on 80 and zope on 8080 and
finally zope alone on 80.

The site will be relatively low traffic for the root branch but higher
public traffic for the clients branch.

Whats the 'best' way? I got apache to front zope with proxypass and with
proxying on and seemed to get better performance. What about
flexibility? What about rewriting versus virtual hosts?

Ah so many juicy options!

I have a colocated box and the isp is holding two domains pointed at the
same ip address so I guess name based vhosts are the way by default but
is it better to try and get zope to do it alone on 80 (is this
possible?) or is it always better to have apache do it. I don't forsee
any need for genuinely static content that cannot be served from zope.

Your advice gratefully received.


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